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This structure offers you a time-efficient, yet deep dive process, for where you are at this very juncture in your life.

Apply this Half-Day structure to Coaching, Mentoring, or specifically for Vision Quest preparation/integration work. This structure can also be applied to Eco-Psychology: see SoulScapes Psychology website.

An accessible, fully focused intensive attending to you at the level of your soul, for personal, professional & spiritual evolution.



Meet the soul's longing for deepened connection to the living universe and sense of place within it.

We enter into a sacred space to focus precisely on the layers of self, current issues, and visionary material that will support your graceful unfolding and momentum in your life.

I developed this format because I could see the efficiency and transformation that 3-4 hours of in-depth, in-person, work can achieve. 

For individuals and partnerships, local to Byron Bay area or making the most of your stay in Byron Bay/Brunswick Heads, NSW.

  • Intensive, in-person depth work. 

  • Nature-based setting or clinic/office.

  • Select just one or multiple Half-Day Blocks. 


This offering is currently on hold if you want to do this with me specifically, however, this is availalbe with my colleagues and if you get in touch I can point you in the right direction.

What would you like to…Become? Clarify? Achieve? Receive? Release? Explore? Create? Deepen? Learn? Integrate?

What does your soul need? What is being called to live within you, through you? What do you long for?

What life stage, situation, or soul initiation phase are you in, that we can support and help you move more deeply through?

Is there a shift needed, or invitation before you to explore?



We delve into powerful conversation, experiential process work, and practical tools, which are intended to help you in a few ways: 

Firstly, this devoted facilitated space, provides an opportunity to more fully digest and integrate your current process. Like a feeling of un-chunking the build-up of demands, events, themes, and stressors, thereby reaching into the places that house your truth and normally remain hidden outside your everyday awareness. As the picture becomes clearer, you sense the changes that are percolating within you and can consciously get behind them in a way that is harder to do or takes a long time to do without such a pause as this. 

Further, we explore what lies within waiting to be discovered about yourself, listen to the way in which your soul or the mystery itself is informing you, and then take these discoveries into a practical level of next steps. 

During the session, you  progress and deepen at your own pace, stopping in the subject matter or internal places that are calling for the most attention, and, opportunity. 

For some, the work culminates in a personal, witnessed ritual that supports the new direction to be taken or new relationship within oneself.

You can come in with all that you’re carrying inside you, the concerns, deep questioning, stuck places, grief… Bring your story and your dreams. Unpack it all, bring it to the transformational cauldron, and leave with what’s worth taking back. 



Further clarify your purpose, gifts, medicine power, mission, or legacy, and ground this into life and work. What is your vision, and by what values must you live? Re-align to a truer North. Deepen your authentic leadership capacity to walk that road with all its challenge as much as its reward.



​Support for key times of transition from one life status to another, or to leave a chapter of your life behind in a ritual-supported way. For when you have already through something big and you could do well with being witnessed about the significance of this transition and to take the gifts whilst you leave behind what belongs in the past. Or if you are on the verge of making an act of severence from the old/ crossing into the new, but some professional help would give you the catalyst you need to delay no longer.Bring honour to your lived soul journey, life stage, and essence of who you are. Perhaps you have been missing a sacred witnessing presence and space in which to integrate and sincerely receive your story. 



​Enjoy time for self-care and time to think, feel, and immerse in depth work to embody the change you desire. Strengthen your self-compassion practice, clarify your needs, and stabilise your healthy boundaries.  Bring awareness and tools to how to strengthen and leverage the foundations of your day to day living by plugging up the leaks, and harnessing your life energy efficiently and effectively. Learn to work in harmony to your personal rhythms and seasons.



​When you need context and dynamic, sensitive support for SE, or what we might see as the underworld journey of soul. For those in a heightened phase of self-discovery, sensitivity, perceptual ability, emergence of true Self and sense of what is true. Also helpful for those integrating a range of states of consciousness.



When something needs to change, we put all focus on that, from the inside out, for inner ways of being and the dynamics at play in your relationships. Address an impasse, block, or reoccurring, perhaps self-sabotaging pattern. Or, the emphasis you might need is more to do with a fuller recovery from trauma (including attachment trauma), grief, or profoundly painful experience.


Mentoring for the skills you are hungry to learn.


Specific work to assist in deeper preparation before quest, and integration after quest, to get the most of your vision quest. 


Works with a number of the themes above, with a particular common agenda for the pair. Supports enhanced communication between the two parties.



Half Day Rate $595

Your 4th hour if we need it is free.

Locations and dates by arrangement.

Still not sure? Call Rain for a FREE 15 minute chat 

This is sincerely obligation-free. No sell or funnel or any of that stuff. I want to support you to have a mini mentoring moment to discern if we are a fit to work further together, or to simply discover what your next right step might be (outside of my work or on your own). 

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