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How it Works

Because it seems pretty rare yet is potent and needed,

I aim to provide a trusted partnership and soulful alliance where there is genuine curiousity for you and deep listening to you. Where you can drop into a sense of authentic connection between us, being met, and encouraged to access within you what you normally aren't able to be in day-to-day life. 

Sessions are both practical as well as respectful your emerging process which holds the clues to what needs our attention. I help you listen to your own inner callings, and invite the qualities of your deeper presence to shine through.

We start with a simple 20-minute phone call to chat about what is going on in your inner and outer worlds that brings you to this point. I will ask you questions and share with you relevant information that helps you to decide whether working together is right for you.

The next step is to receive a Welcome Pack, and we map out together how long we will work together and how frequently. Usually this is 6 fortnightly sessions, which may be all you need, or, we might be only just beginning!

Your first session includes an added free 30min on top of the standard hour.

Call/Text +614 02130972 to book a introductory discovery call or email through the contact page.

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