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Through this year long journey you are invited to:


Explore your callings, longings, and sense of purpose with greater clarity,


Listen to the intelligent way in which the Mystery is moving through your life, as though journeying with an intimacy with soul, Earth, and Mystery itself.


Deepen the nuance and potency of whom you really are in both your wholeness and uniqueness.


Work with the developmental opportunity at hand of the current life stage you are in. Attend to unfinished business of previous ones. 


Delve into the current phase of the soul journey you are in for allowing a deeper and more conscious engagement with that phase. 


Attend to a timely project, soul-task, or major life re-alignment, honouring your values, gifts, and potential.

See through the eyes of soul-based consciousness.

Shift any sense of struggle towards growth and flow, or disconnection to reconnection.


Continue to free up layers of what has been stuck or frozen in the soma as fear arises in the process of growth and change.


Within the context of availing ourselves to Vision working through us, explore your rich inner world of dreams and creativity, your true voice, your path in life.


If applicable, help you with the preparation and/or ongoing integration of a vision quest ceremony.


Use practices, exercises, tools self-designed ceremony, dreamwork, and experiential ‘experiments’ in between sessions, to support transformation, clarification, threshold crossings, shifts in awareness or psycho-spiritual maturity, soul encounter, embodying your vision, etc.


Journey through the work of Soulcraft and Nature and the Human Soul, by Bill Plotkin.

“You were born with potential. 
You were born with goodness and trust.
You were born with ideals and dreams.
You were born with greatness. 
You were born with wings. 
You are not meant for crawling, so don't. 
You have wings. 
Learn to use them and fly.” 
― Rumi

Whilst there is a theme on offer that runs throughout the year, your central focus is on what YOUR individualised agenda is. What do YOU need? Want to experience? The results or outcomes that matter to you? We make your emerging process and desired path of growth the priority.


GOLD - Fortnightly pace of one-to-one hourly sessions with Rain. Includes a couple of extra sessions to use when needed.

SILVER - Monthly pace of one-to-one hourly sessions. 

BRONZE – Once or twice a season. Up to 2 hours each.

This offering is currently on hold.

Get in touch if you are keen for 2023.

Or, pending availability, you can jump in any time with a flexible 6 session program.



Fortnightly pace of one-to-one sessions with Rain.

12 months of in-depth Soul-based development 


We launch Week of New Year’s Day and end by New Year’s Eve of 2022.


You have 24 x fortnightly phone sessions at a generally regular session time. 

This is the Top-level mentorship on offer and your bonus is a complimentary seat at one of our group "council fires." 



Monthly pace of one-to-one sessions with Rain (Every 28 days).

12 months of in-depth Soul-based development 

Next round will launch mid Jan and end by mid Dec of 2023. You have 12 sessions over the year at a generally regular session time.

The Silver program works for people who are looking for an in-depth soul-mentoring experience over they year but would like to pace it so that their sessions are once every 4 weeks. 




Bronze - Quarterly pace of one-to-one sessions with Rain.

12 months of in-depth Soulful development 


We meet once a season in person or online for an extended in-depth session 4 times throughout the year.

This program suits the person who wants to progress their soul journey over a year long deepening and development but cannot commit to the frequency of more regular sessions. In-take for this program is year round.


2022 is underway.

Next intake January 2023

Want to Jump in Now? I hear you! 

Spaces pending, you can start with a flexible 6 session program.

Or join a group session series (get in touch to learn more as this is not yet published.)

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