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Affectionately named, “Spark” this is an option for those who need just one session, for any reason. You might be a long-term or previous client who has a specific need that we will dive straight into. 


Or you might be newly drawn to this work and want to just dip a toe in for now. 


A single session either way can serve a timely purpose and I will do my best to fit them into my diary. For your one-off session, we can do 1, 1.5, or 2hours, all pending availability.


Explore your callings, longings, and sense of purpose with greater clarity,


Listen to the intelligent way in which the Mystery is moving through your life, as though journeying with an intimacy with soul, Earth, and Mystery itself.


Deepen the nuance and potency of whom you really are in both your wholeness and uniqueness.


Work with the developmental opportunity at hand of the current life stage you are in. Attend to unfinished business of previous ones. 


Delve into the current phase of the soul journey you are in for allowing a deeper and more conscious engagement with that phase. 

Attend to a timely project, soul-task, or major life re-alignment, honouring your values, gifts, and potential.


See through the eyes of soul-based consciousness.


Shift any sense of struggle towards growth and flow, or disconnection to reconnection.


Continue to free up layers of what has been stuck or frozen in the soma as fear arises in the process of growth and change.


Within the context of availing ourselves to Vision working through us, explore your rich inner world of dreams and creativity, your true voice, your path in life.




Call Rain for a FREE 15 minute chat 

This is sincerely obligation-free. No sell or funnel or any of that stuff. I want to support you to have a mini mentoring moment to discern if we are a fit to work further together, or to simply discover what you next right step might be (outside of my work or on your own). 

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