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Rain Czupryna

Serving highly aware practitioners,
vision questers, change-makers and committed women & men on their deepest paths of soul-level inner work and embodied vision. 

Providing you with a combined -
Personal, Professional, & Spiritual Growth opportunity - in a single Mentoring alliance.

A warm welcome to you, fellow soul.
This work is all about aiming to bring you skillful, attuned, multi-leveled depths of listening and witnessing to your challenges and innermost concerns, as doorways to  transformation and paths for soul-level discovery, resolution, growth and freedom.  My
guidance, facilitation, and care is on offer to you in service to your deeper soul journey of transformation, healing, initiation, development, maturation, evolution.

Trauma-informed * Transpersonal.

Let's sit at the sacred fire together.


Remember who you are, and let this knowing take you home with every breath.” Oriah Mountain Dreamer

Are you highly committed to your journey of evolution, healing, and purpose? To making a difference, firstly within your own life?

Are you going through a major life transition? Or have a complex issue/situation that needs resolution?

Do you need to get clear on a few things? Or wish to be able to have clearer access to your internal navigation?

Are you in a heightened phase of growth, or difficulty?

Are you going through a relational, health or work matter that demands you to powerfully and lovingly get the dynamics and boundaries right?


Are you bumping up into well-worn survival strategies you'd rather not be limited by? Despite your level of emotional intelligence and diligence?

Would you value, and be ready for, a highly-attuned, skilled, relational professional dynamic for a committed period of time? One that's therapeutic but not therapy, one that uses coaching frameworks/techniques but is not within the box of coaching, that moves seamlessly between your future aims and past-related impacts?

Do you yearn to be really heard, seen, met, gotten?

Do you value a sense of a sacred dimension within your life and want to be able to explore with another on that level?


Are you a professional practitioner who wants fine-tuned supervision, project coaching, perspective, or business development?

Are you approaching or integrating a vision quest /sacred earth ceremony? Called to embody your depth of being, be freer of sustained trauma/programming, and live into your vision?

Have you been on the journey of growth for awhile but have out-paced others around you, possibly even those from whom you sought support?

These are among the concerns I see and work with every day, and are what fuel me to stoke a metaphorical sacred fire that we can sit at together.

This highly specialised mentoring alliance offers you a grounded partnership within a transpersonal, soul-centred, nature-based framework.

Imagine we are sitting at this ancient fire for the art of deep listening, of wisdom-gathering, and mindful action. The land holds us, the silence enfolds us. The heart is safe, and the flames illuminate. 


The pulse of intuitive vision, knowing, clarity, power and healing can stream through you.

Get in Touch for more information.




Vision Questers or those integrating sacred earth ceremony and medicine


Highly sensitive individuals on a soul initiation journey

People who seek a therapeutic a trauma-informed transpersonal and nature-based guide

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Shall we connect?

I'm listening...

“Where something becomes extremely difficult and unbearable, there we also stand already quite near its transformation.” 
― Rainer Maria Rilke


My work arises out of a 30 combined years of work in the fields of transpersonal counselling/coaching, psychology, sacred earth ceremony, and professional development training. More personally, this work arises our of my own journey of searching, healing, delving, and living the questions that stir within me.


See through the eyes of soul-based consciousness.


Much of my approach mirrors or is underpinned by the works of: Soulcraft, Wild Mind, The Journey of Soul Initiation, and Nature and the Human Soul, by Bill Plotkin. (Special thanks to Bill for his maps and wisdom!)


Contact Me

Phone Rain on +61402 130 972  or email via the contact form to discuss working together in the future:

Thanks for sending,we will be in touch shortly!

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