Soul-based Mentoring with Rain Czupryna helps you to deepen your access to the sovereign, earth-based power of your soul, rich with unique expression, and the evolutionary intelligence of your soul's journey at this time.


For times of darkness, and for times of growth.

“Remember who you are, and let this knowing take you home with every breath.” Oriah Mountain Dreamer

Soul-based Mentoring with me, Rain, offers you a grounded partnership for personal, professional, and spiritual development to help you navigate a swiftly changing world, to hold true to yourself, deepen your soul-level awareness, be in conversation with the Mystery, and to expand your capacity to contribute your precious gifts. The guidance I offer is a weave that stems from Transpersonal Psychology, Coaching, & Nature-based Shamanic philosophy. As though we are sitting at an ancient fire for the art of council, your mentoring sessions are like entering into a sacred space for deep listening. The combination of soul-based listening and soul-informed guidance increases your access to the pulse of vision, knowing, power and healing that is streaming through you.

Can you feel what is happening within you at the level of soul within your daily human experience?

What is your soul calling you towards?

What is your longing?

How well-connected do you currently feel to your birthright of belonging to the natural world, to the web of life, and the purpose that animates your days? 

How much are you navigating dissolution, truth-seeking, deep restructuring?

Or the expression of your life's work, inner muse, or heart's joy?

Or simplicity within the complex, a values-based soulful path?

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To find out about Psychology with a Transpersonal perspective, please visit SoulScapes Psychology

Soul-based Mentoring is for:



Soul-searchers, and 


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Wow. It's getting pretty interesting on the global stage!

How are you going?

What is real to you at this time?

What deeply concerns you?

And what is your response to the pressures that bear, or the cracks that open, to the pain or to the release? Are you listening to your your own being?

Do you need to be heard?

Could you use a space right now for pulling back the layers to reveal clarity, resourcefulness, and your soul signature? 

For many, this can be a time of great re-evaluation, restructuring, regeneration, and renewal.

Thresholds and points of no return,

Or commitments to for that which you stand.

Perhaps a pause long and deep enough to feel what needs to be felt, see what needs to be seen, or remember - in a real, knowing kind of way - what needs to be remembered, like: whom you truly are, or how things truly are...

Or that the source of your sustenance come from natural and sacred law and you are on that path. 

Shall we connect?

I'm listening...

“Where something becomes extremely difficult and unbearable, there we also stand already quite near its transformation.” 
― Rainer Maria Rilke


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