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Rain Czupryna

Bringing a trusted soul-centred, heartfelt mentoring alliance to practitioners, vision questers, change-makers and people on the path of transformational and professional growth.   

Offering you a multi-leveled depth of listening and guidance in service to your soul journey of initiation, healing, maturation, and evolution.

Let's sit at the sacred fire together.

“Remember who you are, and let this knowing take you home with every breath.” Oriah Mountain Dreamer

This highly specialised mentoring alliance offers you a grounded partnership for personal, professional, and spiritual development in a soul-centred, nature-based framework. Typically working together in blocks of 6 sessions at a time, this fusion modality evolved out of a combined 30 years of transpersonal counselling, coaching, psychology, nature-based sacred ceremony, and training others in soul-centred coaching/counselling.  It is for the passionate practitioner, people called to undertake a vision quest, and/or highly-sensitive individual navigating  profound transformational growth. The aim is to provide  a sacred, therapeutic, trauma-informed, wise and lovingly attuned relational dynamic and mirror to your wholeness, essence, and qualities. When we see clearly, and see ourselves more clearly, the way forward or through can be more clear also.

Throughout the journey, you are likely to deepen your soul-level awareness, and your living alignment with the intelligent forces of Nature and Great Mystery, whilst at the same time bring greater resolution to particular pain points in your life. The invitation is here to expand in your capacity to soulfully flourish your gifts and purpose into this world. As necessary, we attend to unattended trauma, grief, and coping styles. We allow 'space' to tell your story, to weave your sacred threads of lived experience into a meaningful tapestry.


Are you going through a major life transition?

Are you in a heightened phase of growth or difficulty?

Are you a professional practitioner who wants fine-tuned supervision, project coaching, perspective, or business development?

Are you approaching or integrating a vision quest?

Are you seeking a highly-attuned relational professional dynamic for a committed period of time?


Imagine we are sitting at an ancient fire for the art of deep listening. The land holds us, the silence enfolds us. The heart is safe, and the flames illuminate. 


The pulse of intuitive vision, knowing, power and healing can stream through you.

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To find out about Psychology with a Transpersonal perspective, please visit SoulScapes Psychology




Vision Questers or those integrating sacred earth ceremony and medicine


Highly sensitive individuals on a soul initiation journey

People who seek a therapeutic a trauma-informed transpersonal and nature-based guide

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Shall we connect?

I'm listening...

“Where something becomes extremely difficult and unbearable, there we also stand already quite near its transformation.” 
― Rainer Maria Rilke


I am passionate about dynamically supporting at the level of your soul journey, taking place within your human experience. To me this means companioning and "mid-wifing" the 'underworld journey of soul initiation,' tracking the underlying structure of the themes at play, the depth of mythological movement of soul evolution found in day-to-day of raw experience, and the process of taking our place within the web of life. It is through this lens of curiosity and understanding that I have made my own way through life themes of loss and grief, and many life initiations. This has instilled in me faith in that river of intelligence that courses through the mystery of our lives. I am here to help you remember your own original, core identity; to live as the soul nature within you; to relate to your self, life and world with a deep knowing of your worthwhile, purposeful existence. I am here to create a soulful listening sanctuary where new awareness flows through from your heart, and your depths.

And, increasingly, I am here to train and guide others who wish to do similar sacred work.


Contact Me

Phone Rain on +61402 130 972  or email via the contact form to discuss working together in the future:

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