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Others' Experiences

What previous clients of the mentoring programs have said about the experience of the mentoring relationship:

Clients report feeling “met,’’ “gotten,” “seen,” “heard,” “understood,” “witnessed,” “accepted,” and “guided.” These are relational experiences that can be rare in a person’s life and meet a need that might otherwise go unmet. When you are given this quality of presence within a transpersonal context, you might find you have a greater sense of access to hidden layers of self-awareness.

“As a health professional for the better part of two decades I like to think I have a fair idea about what makes a truly excellent and effective practitioner.


It was a friend, who I believe encapsulates what a real modern man should be, that recommended I should talk to Rain.


Coming from him it was a prefect referral but even I was surprised by what I encountered. Put simply, Rain brings all the tools you’d expect from a competent and professional practitioner but then something else, something powerful. It’s wisdom you wish your mum had, insight like an old master has and timing to deliver both like Ali.


The Maori, encapsulates these things in the character of Papatuanuku (Earth Mother) and my testimony for Rain’s ability is that she shares all of the qualities and more besides. I am grateful to my friend for his direction and even more so to Rain for hers. Thank you Rain, I hope you reap what you sow.” 

– Carl Matthews

“I feel Rain helps you to be led into the work of the soul, deepens access to your own soul…a deeper connection to Self.”

“From the very first conversation I had with Rain some years ago about the Vision Quest, I knew I had found in her a spiritual mentor.


In the many sessions we have had together, I have felt a melting into a sacred space, the one she holds with the gentle wisdom of your spirit, and soft compassion.


Rain has facilitated many profound shifts for me – in preparation for challenging engagements, or making sense of chaos and clutter in my emotional, psychological, and spiritual inbox.


There are few people I choose as mentors – I need to feel the heft and depth of a teacher’s presence in his or her own sacred practice. In Rain, I find a teacher, a home, a room of my own, with her ear and heart attuned to every nuance and inflection of my own interior journey.”  – Joanne Fedler

“Rain is like a light being that has a torch so bright, there is no hiding.”  – Ashley Good.

“I was able to be more vulnerable, share things I couldn’t have shared with others.”

“I was always at ease to express myself, even in the moments of deepest distress.”

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