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Is this you?

Psychologists, Psychotherapists


Are you a practitioner, psychologist, psychotherapist, coach, or delivering some kind of healing, educational, ceremonial, and/or transformational work? A portion of our work might be dedicated to your practice thriving, going to the next level, perhaps supervision, skills training, and/or working with your own process so as to fill your own cup. 

Train with a group or work 1:1.

Soul-path Makers

People on a conscious path of growth

Are you soul-searching, deepening your embodied wholeness, committed to the growth that comes from grief/trauma/challenge, or are on a conscious path? Your everyday life and health, work, and relationships is rich with soul language. And whatever you might be going through right now has a space here to be given the attention it needs.

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Change Agents

Are you a dynamic soul who is here to make a difference? Is your focus on global transformation, community, or the very foundations of family life?Do you have a fire in your belly, a high set of values, and a cause that beckons you? We can attend to your own emergence or eldering, your wellbeing, and areas of focus. 

Examples of what we can address:

  • Preparing well, and in a highly individualised way, for a vision quest ceremony, and supporting you on the other side as you integrate your wilderness solo experience back into your life, with all that this can ask of you.

  • Bringing your Life’s Work to fruition and expression.

  • Building your private practice or grounding your creative projects.

  • Supervision/mentoring for your role as a psychologist, therapist, coach, medical or allied health practitioner.

  • Relationship, family, or parenting concerns.

  • Complex dynamics in personal or professional matters.

  • Grief and loss.

  • Crisis or difficult or destabilizing events, trauma, or circumstances.

  • “The dark night of the soul”, the “journey of soul initiation.”

  • Everyday or particularly intensified work-related concerns.

  • Navigating major life transitions, such as, separation, sudden loss, stage of life changes, geographical changes.

Common Benefits clients experience:

  • Clarifying values, vision, and purpose – Knowing more of who you are, what brings you alive and what to do with your life.

  • Increased Self-leadership – Better coping strategies; Heightened awareness and mindfulness; being more able and empowered to choose, not react.

  • Improvement of mood, feelings of increased calm and a deeper seat of contentedness.

  • Living with heart - meaning, vision, depth and connection.

  • Making clearer decisions.

  • Creating conscious partnership.

  • Improving family relationships and communication.

  • Leading others more effectively and with authentic empowerment.

  • Clarifying mission and business direction.

  • Successfully enjoying chosen career path.


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