Psychologists, Psychotherapists


I work with practitioners, psychologists, psychotherapists, coaches and those delivering some kind of healing, educational, ceremonial, and/or transformational work. A portion of our work might be dedicated to your practice thriving, going to the next level, perhaps supervision, skills training, and/or working with your own process so as to fill your own cup. 

Training groups are underway and next intake is for 2023.

Soul-path Makers

Soul-searchers and Soul-path makers

I work with people who are soul-searching, seeking a greater depth and are ‘on the path’. Artists, educators, and professionals from any sector can benefit from bringing more of their soul's understanding to their everyday work and life.

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Change Agents

Change Agents are dynamic people who are here to make a difference, people whose focus is global transformation and community. I love working with Change Agents because you have a fire in your belly and a cause that beckons you. How can we bring soul to the practice of community building and global change? This works supports you to take your action to a greater depth.

Personal experiences that commonly bring people to this mentoring work:

  • A burning need to be true to who you are and a soul-oriented way of life, or respond to the global/environmental crises we face.
  • A radical change in your sense of who you are, and/or the world that you once felt was real.

  • Grief and loss, or outrage, has thrown you into a new world of strong emotion and commitment to live authentically.

  • Crisis or difficult or destabilizing events, trauma, or circumstances.

  • “The dark night of the soul”, the “journey of soul initiation,” or “Spiritual emergence.”

  • A sense of deep healing, like a reconstruction journey taking place - or needing to take place - within.

  • Challenges with self-esteem, self-acceptance, self-acceptance.

  • Everyday or particularly intensified work-related distress, relational distress, parenting concerns.

  • A need to live fully, poetically, creatively, potently as a fully-embodied whole being.

  • A hunger to bring your Life’s Work to fruition and expression.

  • A deep longing to belong to the living universe, and re-enchant, re-enliven, re-sacralise your life and the lives of others.

Common Benefits clients experience:

  • Clarifying values, vision, and purpose – Knowing more of who you are, what brings you alive and what to do with your life.

  • Increased Self-leadership – Better coping strategies; Heightened awareness and mindfulness; being more able and empowered to choose, not react.

  • Improvement of mood, feelings of increased calm and a deeper seat of contentedness.

  • Living with heart - meaning, vision, depth and connection.

  • Making clearer decisions.

  • Creating conscious partnership.

  • Improving family relationships and communication.

  • Navigating major life transitions, such as, separation, sudden loss, stage of life changes, geographical changes.

  • Leading others more effectively and with authentic empowerment.

  • Clarifying mission and business direction.

  • Successfully enjoying chosen career path.