Simply put, I am here to fiercely create and guard a relational space wherein your own divine and natural, true being can exist strongly upon the planet, with sovereignty, authenticity, and the gifts you were born with. I respect the challenge involved in what that statement represents, and so aim to create the conditions in which the human soul can be mid-wived through the difficult passage of what can be called the "underworld journey of soul initiation." I hold the vision for the restoration of our depth of connection not only to our essence, but to sacred law, Nature, wholeness, and the heart of humanity. 

I've lived and breathed this work for my entire career, going back to the 90's, featuring a decade of training others in transformational life coaching, guiding sacred earth ceremony, and running a private practice of counselling/psychology/psychotherapy, and, of course, mentoring. 

My personal journey has been both blessed and gruelling, ecstatic and heart-breaking, thus bringing me into a fine-tuned and keenly interested sensitivity to the depth and range of human challenges and passages for growth, healing, and transformation. 




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