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Rain Czupryna

In service to who you really are and the journey of living that path.


I am here to allow and guard a relational space wherein your own divine and natural, true being can exist strongly upon the planet, even with all that we are up against and with all the challenge involved in what that statement represents. My dreaming entails our sovereignty, authenticity, and the expression of the gifts we were each born with, and my little bit includes optimising the relational conditions in which the human soul can be metaphorically mid-wived through the difficult passage of what can be called the "underworld journey of soul initiation." (Phrased coined by Bill Plotkin.) I hold the vision for the restoration of our depth of connection not only to our essence, but to sacred law, Nature, wholeness, and the heart of humanity. 

Spanning over 25 years or so, this work took a few forms... Training others in transformational life coaching, guiding sacred earth ceremony, and running a private practice of counselling/psychology/psychotherapy, and, most often now, mentoring. 

I am passionate about dynamically supporting at the level of your soul journey, taking place within your human experience. I love listening to you with all of me, companioning you and tracking the underlying structure of the themes at play in your experience. I'm listening out for the way forward on a practical level, and the depth of mythological movement of soul evolution found within your day-to-day of raw experience.


It is through this lens of curiosity and understanding that I have made my own way through life themes of loss and grief, and many life initiations. This has instilled in me faith in that river of intelligence that courses through the mystery of our lives. I am here to help you remember your own original, core identity; to live as the soul nature within you; to relate to your self, life and world with a deep knowing of your worthwhile, purposeful existence. I am here to create a soulful listening sanctuary where new awareness flows through from your heart, and your depths.

And, increasingly, I am here to train and guide others who wish to do similar sacred work.


Vision Quest protector/guide, transpersonal soul-based mentor/trainer/coach/facilitator. Background includes clinical work as a registered psychologist.




To find out more about my other work with Vision Quest and my former Psychology practice that I passed on, please visit:

SoulScapes Foundation


SoulScapes Transpersonal Psychology

Professional Background

  • Registered Psychologist with AHPRA (since 2010, full since 2012, and currently have chosen a 'non-practicing' status with a focus on mentoring);

  • Full Member Australian Psychological Society

  • Vision Quest Protector in the lineage of Stalking Wolf since 2013;

  • Guiding quests and nature-based, soul-based retreat (since 2003). Groups, 1:1. Inclusive of ritual, ceremony, process-work.

  • Active transpersonal private practice since 1999, (modalities have included counselling, coaching, mentoring, and psychology.) Founder of SoulScapes Foundation, and SoulScapes Psychology;

  • Previous involvements include: Lecturer for IKON Institute (2017) Bachelor of Integrative Psychotherapy; And for Nature Care College (2002-2010), Diplomas of Transpersonal Coaching/Counselling; Aus/NZ committee member for, the work of Bill Blotkin, Animus Valley Institute, USA; Professional Certified Coach (PCC) with the International Coach Federation (ICF) 2007-2012; Presenter on Transpersonal Coaching at ICF events (Sydney, Adelaide, Boston, Brisbane).


Contact Me

Phone Rain on +61402 130 972  or email via the contact form to discuss working together:

Thanks for sending,we will be in touch shortly!

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