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Are you preparing to quest?

Are you integrating a quest, even one from many moons ago?

Mentoring helps you to strongly embody the power of a Vision Quest


A Vision Quest is an ancient, nature-based, fasting, solo ceremony, that provides us with the opportunity to be still… Still enough to hear the voice that is calling us onto our most visionary path. We walk into the arms of Mother Nature and into our sacred quest circle for four days and nights, prepared to fast all that is familiar, and leave everything behind, perhaps including how we have come to be. The quest supports a process of dying to the old story or way and birthing the new. 

A teaching of the vision quest is that we have the birth-right to have a vision to carry within and into the world, for ourselves and those who will be positively touched by that vision, that that this is in fact, vital to our world.

The quest is a phenomenon and process that invites an encounter with whom we are as a unique soul, underneath layers of personality.

This original being that we are, connected to heart and to Great Mystery, can be accessed more clearly within this dedicated space comprising of personal commitment and Nature’s purity.

The vision quest typically offers rigorous tests and trials within, bringing us to an experience of our substance, and to release more of the hold that our former, smaller ways of being in the world can have.


Many find the quest experience facilitates a deep homecoming, soul encounter, purification, healing, transcendence, psycho-spiritual maturation, and sense of liberation.

For more information about the quest ceremony please visit SoulScapes Foundation

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Preparation Mentorship for the quester approaching the threshold

For those called to quest, or in the process of listening to whether they are, a preparation mentorship can greatly deepen you clarity and enhance your preparation for your quest. If you are questing with us in the lineage of Stalking Wolf, your program will also of course prepare you thoroughly within a group framework. 

However, Mentoring is seen as a compliment to that given set of teachings, The quester who opts for Mentoring will get the benefit of working in an individualised way to cater to their unique experience, unique calling and set of reasons to embark upon the journey. 

You may prepare in this way for as long as you need to prior to a quest and I have worked with people in mentorships for a year or two before they arrive at the ceremony. Others might opt for a single session or set of 3-4 sessions in the lead-up time to quest for a feeling of added support on multiple levels, (emotionally, developmentally, practically, spiritually, philosophically.)

Choose a one-off, weekly, fortnightly, or monthly sessions. (Recommended is a block of 6 sessions, every other week at a regular time.)

To enquire, or book get in touch. 


Integration Mentorship for the Returning, reincorporating quester

Partake in a one-off or series of sessions to pull more meaning and visionary material from your Vision Quest. Tom Brown, Jr., and likely anyone actually questing or working in this space would agree that, “Vision Quest is the easy part; Now the quest begins once it is over.” So true. You’ve come from quest forever changed, but the world we return to may not reflect the drastic updates and upgrades we have experienced. 

To integrate the internal changes with the world whose density and traction may threaten to blow out the little flame we carry back from the quest, mentoring is there to assist in your ongoing transformational journey, inner and outer.


As it is also well-quoted, from Black ElK, “…A vision is not a vision until it is performed on the Earth for the people to see.”


We need to actually live the vision, the dreaming that arises through us from Creation itself, that spoke to us, moved through us, and is for that which is beyond us.


“The ultimate aim of the quest is not for ecstasy nor release for oneself, but for the wisdom and power to serve others.” Joseph Campbell.


SO, whether you quested 10 days, weeks, months or years ago, you can always squeeze more juice out your ceremony and live more deeply into its teachings. 

For Post Quest Mentoring, GET IN TOUCH.

I look forward to your email and whether you want a one-off session, Half-Day or perhaps a mini-series.


This is my honed suggestion:

  • Session 1 - Story - Catching. Tell your quest story. Hear it mirrored back to you.

  • Session 2 - Pull more interpretive power from your quest. Let the significance of it sharpen and shapen.

  • Session 3 - Pull through the vision-keeper in you who can walk the road asked of your vision. Trouble-shoot whatever may stand in the way of that.


Book a Vision Quest integration program.

Call Rain for a FREE 15 minute chat 

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